Why Lithium Batteries for Electric Forklifts Are Better

Why Lithium Batteries for Electric Forklifts Are Better

As electric forklift technology improves, we’re considering all costs for the proper maintenance of our forklift batteries, primarily electric. Lithium-ion batteries—LIBs for short—are packed with a longer lifespan and charging capabilities; the LIB batteries can last between 2,000 and 3,000 cycles compared to lead acid batteries which last between 1,000 and 1,500 cycles. Here are more reasons why lithium batteries for electric forklifts are better.

Energy Bills Improve

One of the biggest advantages of using better batteries for electric forklifts is that you save a ton on energy costs. Using a lithium-ion battery for your forklift will help your operations become eco-friendly, and since they charge faster, you won’t have to waste time constantly setting your forklifts.

Longevity of Your Equipment Improves

Aside from having a great life cycle, these types of batteries can help improve the lifespans of your equipment by two to four times longer than a lead-acid-based battery. When you have a long workday, you won’t find yourself struggling to complete work while trying to maintain a full battery.

Labor Costs Greatly Reduce

Lithium-ion batteries for your forklift won’t require much work such as watering or equalizing. The cells in these batteries are sealed off to help keep the lift in working order. While training your employees, it’s important to note that the OSHA forklift training video will provide additional information on decreased labor costs when working. As your workers go through their workday, they’ll learn that they won’t need to swap out their batteries as often.

They’re Virtually Maintenance-Free

Aside from being labor-free, the lithium batteries will also be maintenance-free. You won’t need to worry about placing water into the battery to increase the lifespan. Also, they don’t need as much cleaning as acid-based batteries.

Productivity Will Increase

We know time means money, and with lithium batteries, getting tasks done will be a breeze. Since lead-based batteries are charged more frequently, the productivity levels of warehouses and construction sites will drop, thus being backed up in work that could take longer to complete. Lithium-ion batteries are a better alternative as they don’t require much time to charge. Your workers will benefit significantly from lithium batteries, and your forklift will be able to complete work at a better rate and notably improved performances.

When it comes to knowing why lithium batteries for electric forklifts are better to use than lead-based, it all comes down to wanting the best performance for your electric forklifts. Lithium-ion batteries have a more significant life cycle and need less maintenance instead of relying on batteries that’ll need to rest before using again. Train your workers about lithium-ion batteries and other current trends and best safety practices by purchasing a training kit through First Quality Forklift Training, LLC. The forklift training kits help your workers become trained and educated on the best forklift maintenance and safety and technology available for use.

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