Topics Warehouse Employers Should Discuss in Safety Meetings

Topics Warehouse Employers Should Discuss in Safety Meetings

When meeting with your warehouse team, it’s essential to discuss topics regarding safety. Talking about safety is especially important when doing onboarding newly hired employees. These are just a few examples of topics warehouse employers should discuss in safety meetings.

General Warehouse Work and Safety

Warehouses come in various sizes, and knowing the size helps avoid any risks of injuries and pains when using machinery. When talking about this, outline different things about the topic in a PowerPoint to help lay out the most common issues and what you all, as a team, can do to avoid them in the future. In the meeting, you’ll cover areas such as lifting and handling safety, using power trucks and working around them, aisle traffic, and ergonomics.

Employer and Employee Forklift Safety

Forklift safety is essential, especially for new workers and team leads. There are around ninety-five thousand reported annual accidents that happen due to forklift negligence. The best way to avoid this and abide by the OSHA forklift training requirements is to review and learn best practices for safety. While going over this, including stories of recorded incidents and fatalities to help workers understand the dangers of inappropriately handling a forklift.

Safety on Loading Docks

Loading docks are hazardous areas that can result in serious injury. When you’re with your team, review the signs to look for to stop accidents from happening. When working at an elevated height, safety must be everyone’s top priority when handling material and working around safety hazards. When you’re in a team meeting, review the basics of working on a loading dock. Discuss target areas such as working with semi-truck and trailers and minding the safety when operating a dock leveler or cross plate.

Working With Conveyor Safety

Conveyors are great to use when your team can’t carry heavy equipment or materials. However, it’s important to point out the safety hazards that come with being around conveyors. Discuss primary dangers, safety practices, and proper maintenance and repair of conveyors in team meetings.

Working on Emergency Preparedness

Sometimes, we need a review of safety protocols. According to OSHA, you and your team leads need to review your emergency plan annually. The emergency plan meeting requires making changes as needed, finding solutions to holes in the plan, and ensuring every worker fully understands the plan. Use the session to your advantage by going over any questions workers and team leads may have.

When covering the topics warehouse employers should discuss in safety meetings, all employees and team leads must be up to date on certifications for operating any warehouse machinery, such as forklifts. With First Quality Forklift Training, your team leads will find our kits filled with updated information and resources to help in training new onboard forklift operators beginning their certification process.

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