Why Warehouse Supervisors Still Need Forklift Training

Why Warehouse Supervisors Still Need Forklift Training

Operating a forklift takes time, patience, and hours of training. Supervisors need to refresh and enhance their forklift-operating skills and renew their certifications. This is especially true if they will be operating a forklift and involved in the training of their team members. So, as we begin to equip ourselves with improved knowledge and a deeper understanding of trends supervisors should discuss with team members, here’s why warehouse supervisors still need forklift training.

Why a Warehouse Supervisor Needs Forklift Training

For any warehouse operations to run smoothly, a supervisor must know how to control things. Despite handling procedures, a good supervisor needs certification and outstanding knowledge of the types of machinery their warehouse has and how to operate them.

Without the required training, many supervisors won’t have the ability to certify workers or the proper knowledge to help their employees improve. This also applies to supervisors who need retraining, especially if they haven’t been around a forklift in a while.

Supervisors Help the Company Meet OSHA Compliance

Whether the worker’s status is employee or supervisor, every worker needs experience before becoming a certified forklift driver. Supervisors without forklift training or experience can make meeting OSHA guidelines difficult if they haven’t gone through the certification process.

Without complying with OSHA guidelines, your company can find itself paying off extensive fines in the ballpark of up to $12,000 or more (depending on the severity.) So, to help avoid penalties and other issues, it’s highly recommended to get a forklift training package from an accredited company, such as First Quality Forklift Training. In addition, it’s recommended that forklift supervisors attend a train-the-trainer forklift class.

First Quality Forklift Training provides needed instruction for both employees and supervisors. Supervisors can refresh their skills, improve in their role, and receive their train-the-trainer certification. Applying their training, knowledge, and experience will help positively impact their employee’s success in earning their accreditation for forklift operator certification.

There Are Different Levels of Training To Know

Another reason why warehouse supervisors still need forklift training is that there are different training levels they’ll need to learn to succeed in their role. Below is a breakdown of the other training types and what each one entails.

Operator/Refresher Training

Operator/refresher training gives all employees a deeper understanding of the different mechanics and features of a forklift. This training is specially focused and required by OSHA for new operators. It is also required for operators who are observed using the forklift in an unsafe manner, involved in an incident, accident, or a near miss.

Operator Evaluation

An operator evaluation is required for all employees, including supervisors (if they were already training and will be operating a forklift). OSHA requires an evaluation of each operator’s performance at least every three years. The exception to this is when an operator has been involved in an accident or near miss or when they’ve been observed operating unsafely. In those instances, they must start the training process over with the operator and refresher training.

Supervisor Training and Train-the-Trainer

Just like the operator and refresher training, supervisor training—commonly referred to as train-the-trainer—entails more than the basic reiterated lessons. For example, in supervisor training, they learn OSHA-required training documentation regulations for forklift certification.

As supervisors expand their current and relearn prior knowledge, you can help your employees become certified forklift operators through one of First Quality Forklift Training’s many learning programs. Each enhances the knowledge base and allows supervisors to assist employees better and improve operations.

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