Ways To Enhance Your Forklift Training Program

Ways To Enhance Your Forklift Training Program

Before employees can operate forklifts, they must go through a training and certification process. Employers provide forklift training to keep operators knowledgeable, productive, and safe in the field. Not only must businesses provide training courses, but they also make changes to their courses when necessary. Below, you can find the best ways to enhance your forklift training program. Updating training programs might sound frustrating, but these methods are as simple as they are effective.

Make Training Relevant

There are multiple types of forklifts that businesses use regularly. Different forklifts come with different safety and handling requirements. For instance, if an employee will be operating your average rough terrain forklift, showing them aerial lift training materials is a waste of time. By gathering materials solely for the specific forklift the employee will be driving, you can deliver a concise, thorough lesson. Make the most out of training; show newcomers what they need to know to get the job done efficiently and safely.

Always Follow OSHA Guidelines

Business owners must know the proper OSHA forklift training requirements before creating a relevant training course. If your forklift training doesn’t discuss OSHA standards and guidelines, the trainee will miss invaluable information. First, violating OSHA standards can result in hefty fines. Furthermore, neglecting OSHA standards for operating forklifts can result in dangerous accidents.

For example, OSHA requires forklift operators to conduct pre-shift inspections. To employees, the daily forklift inspection can seem tedious. However, the pre-shift inspection gives employees a chance to spot any damages to the vehicle that can cause accidents during operation. Abiding by OSHA standards is a necessary step for any business.

Monitor Post-Training Performance

In addition to the tips above, finding ways to enhance your forklift training program requires a careful examination of employee performance. In other words, you can find issues with your training program by monitoring how your forklift operators use their new skills in the field.

What are common issues do you notice new employees running into regularly? An operator driving too fast might be an individual, one-time issue. However, if you constantly have to tell forklift operators to slow down, there may be a deeper issue regarding their training. Common mistakes among newcomers are a clear sign your training program needs an upheaval. Even if a new operator feels confident after training, they might slip into a bad habit or forget certain guidelines. It’s frustrating, but it happens. Most importantly, those bad habits and forgetful moments are avoidable if you keep an eye on operators and provide proper guidance when necessary.

With these tips under your belt, you can ensure your forklift fleet fires on all cylinders. If you need to make any of these changes to your training program, don’t wait. Make improvements as soon as you can. That way, forklift safety and productivity won’t falter under your watch.

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