Understanding Class 2 Forklifts and Their Uses

Understanding Class 2 Forklifts and Their Uses

There are various ways to categorize different forklifts, such as by fuel source or outdoor/indoor capabilities. One way that forklifts are commonly grouped is by class. In total, there are seven different forklift classes that businesses can and do use regularly. When you’re managing a workplace where forklifts regularly operate, understanding how each forklift class differs is crucial.

Learning about the different forklift classes will help you make the right choice when buying forklifts and providing training to your workforce. The guide below will specifically assist with understanding class 2 forklifts and their uses in the workplace.

Intro To Class 2

Class 2 (or “Class II”) forklifts fall under the umbrella of electric motor narrow aisle trucks. Specific types of class 2 forklifts include reach trucks and order pickers. As you can tell by the “narrow aisle” part of their name, the main advantage of class 2 forklifts is their better maneuverability through tight corridors as compared to other trucks on the market.

This might not sound like much at first, but those narrow aisle capabilities allow facilities to take better advantage of their storage space because they don’t have to accommodate bulkier forklift models. Not only can class 2 forklifts transport goods to and from storage, but they can help you expand storage within the confines of your current facility. In other words, you can gain more space without having to build onto your current facility whatsoever.

The Importance of Training

There are many different types of forklifts, which means employees must receive training that’s specific to the type of forklift they’re going to use in their workplace. Forklifts can be dangerous in the wrong hands, so providing employees with the training they need makes the workplace safer and more productive for everyone.

Understanding class 2 forklifts and their uses is far from difficult, but learning how to use this class of truck requires the same care and focus as any other forklift. Thankfully, businesses can use narrow aisle forklift training resources to help new hires learn the essentials and earn their certification.

Now that you understand class 2 forklifts, you can pass that knowledge on to your workforce to ensure they show the same care and expertise in the field. Start searching for your own forklift fleet and suitable training resources today so you can begin seeing the benefits of these machines in action.

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