Tips for Developing an In-House Forklift Training Program

Tips for Developing an In-House Forklift Training Program

Depending on a company’s budget, many workers receive outsourced training programs. The company could also provide an in-house training program, which is better because workers can grow with one another and learn about the top forklift operators in the business. Here is a quick guide filled with tips for developing an in-house forklift training program.

Start With Updated Material

When you’re thinking about starting in-house training for forklift certification, you need to ensure the forklift training package you receive contains updated teaching methods and current trends. The current trends help promote positive discussions among all workers, supervisors, and warehouse heads.

Instead of relying on outsourced programs that may not have updated materials, it’s a better investment to provide on-site training.

Aside from working on other tasks on the job, your workers will get the chance to expose themselves to lessons that teach them about the job they want to do.

Make All Training Inclusive

It’s vital to make all training inclusive. For example, you may have workers that don’t speak English well, so having a program developed in their language can help close many barriers. If you already have someone in your workforce who speaks a specific language—such as Spanish—see if they can help close the language gap for others as they learn their way around a forklift.

Avoid giving certain workers favoritism. Don’t shut anyone out from learning valuable experiences. Make sure all workers have access to the lessons.

Prepare With Proper Equipment Knowledge

Ensure all equipment knowledge—including hand signals—develops through adequate training. Here are the hand signals you should teach:

  • Raise and lower
  • Tilting
  • Moving back and forth
  • Stop

When new workers use these signals, they can avoid potential accidents, know how to do maintenance checks before and after operating a forklift, and develop better communication.

Provide OSHA Certified Training Materials

Before starting a training program, the kit you purchase must come from a company that provides OSHA-compliant training materials that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Formal lecture or video
  • Practical portion
  • The evaluation period for all trained operators

After reading tips for developing an in-house forklift training program, get yourself prepared with many OSHA-certified training kits through First Quality Forklift Training, LLC.

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