Tips for Buying Rough Terrain Forklifts for Your Business

Tips for Buying Rough Terrain Forklifts for Your Business

When buying your first rough terrain forklift, it’s essential that you know a few things about rough terrain forklifts before finishing your transaction. The first thing to know about this forklift type is that it works on uneven ground, which means it’s suitable for outdoor work versus indoor work, surrounded by shelves of supplies and shipments. Also, one thing to take into regard is what your fleet needs. If there’s not a lot you need, you might not need to spend a ton on a rough terrain forklift. To know more about buying a forklift of this type, here’s a list of our tips for buying rough terrain forklifts for your business.

Understand the Tire Type

You can likely spot a rough terrain forklift on construction sites, farmland, maintenance areas, and all-weather operations. The tires used can help in determining what sort of lift is right for your industry. There are two kinds of tires used for the rough terrain forklift.

Solid Pneumatic Tires

This tire type has a secure grip and is standard on construction sites. When placed on the forklift, the tires made with molded steel rings around the middle help resist punctures in the tires. Even though these tire types seem suitable, there’s a disadvantage. One of them is comfortability. When a worker is operating this style lift, the tires create a rougher ride for them.

Air or Foam Pneumatic Tires

Strong and widely used in lumber yards and indoor and outdoor warehouses, the air and foam-filled tires help in absorbing the uneven, rough terrain. These are suitable to use as they can add traction when going over surfaces like gravel.

Types of Rough Terrain Forklifts

The type of rough terrain forklift you’re looking for depends on the project you’re doing. However, even though there are different types of rough terrain forklifts, operators need to take a specialized called class 7 forklift training which takes them through the entire specialty training through their job. Right before training, it’s essential to know the different types, which are listed below.

  • Vertical mast rough terrain forklift
  • Variable reach rough terrain forklift
  • Truck or trailer mounter rough terrain forklift

Look for the Right Manufacturer

When purchasing a forklift of this particular type, you need to consider the manufacturer first. Some companies offer wide varieties, while others have a small amount. Before you purchase, reach out to the manufacturer and inquire about renting before buying to ensure it’s the right fit for you.

Our tips for buying a forklift rough terrain forklifts for your business is another leap to finding the right forklift type and certification program for your workers. Before allowing workers to operate a rough terrain forklift, inquire about our OSHA-certified courses, including our class 7 specialty training. The specialty training can help prepare and get your future forklift operators ready to become certified as a class 7 rough terrain forklift operator.

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