How To Feel More Comfortable Driving a Forklift

How To Feel More Comfortable Driving a Forklift

Forklift operations are difficult because you have to know how to complete a mandatory checklist to ensure your forklift operates correctly. Not just that, but you need to have the right training classes to help you feel more comfortable when you’re driving a forklift. Here’s how to feel more comfortable driving a forklift upon receiving your forklift certification.

Drive the Forklift Often

To combat any fears of driving heavy machinery, you need to drive more often. Like teaching a young person how to drive a car, the habit of practicing driving a forklift often will help drill in your mind how the functions work, how to check for maintenance issues, and how to safely lift heavy material. Before you complete your forklift certification, you must have right level of confidence to ensure you can operate it without fear of getting hurt. Luckily, there are forklift training classes your employer will offer to help you continue the practice of driving a forklift.

Wear the Right Clothes

Before you set foot onto any forklift, make sure you are wearing suitable clothing. Do not wear loose clothing, however! If you wear anything loose, there’s a risk it could get stuck in something, causing yourself serious injury or becoming the victim of a fatal accident. Wear fitted clothing that’s highly visual and bright. For footwear, it’s common practice not to wear open-toed shoes around any place that contains a warehouse or construction site. Wear closed-toed shoes, as well as a hard hat and gloves.

Check Your Visibility Often

Check all of your blind spots before you back up, and if you are traveling forward, move any barriers and obstacles that get in your way. If there are any that are hidden, it’ll make driving unsafe until all are removed. Also, take note to follow all driving site requirements, such as yielding, following markers on the ground to help guide you, and parking in particular areas. Also, a rule of thumb, don’t use your phone while driving.

Don’t Lift Without Ensuring Your Load

When you attempt to lift more than you carry—whether it’s by hand or machine—you will always fail, and the things you’re trying to carry will always fall. The forklift, if you’re using it, will tip over—and that’s highly dangerous. So, before you decide to one-up a co-worker, follow the weight guidelines (found on the forklift data plate) and ensure your forks are properly rated and in good condition to lift any heavy loads.

Remember that your employer wants to see you flourish and ask for help when it’s needed. If you follow the advice in this article, you’ll know how to feel more comfortable driving a forklift.

So, as an employer, reach out to First Quality Forklift Training to ensure your employees are receiving the best and up-to-date training classes for forklifting.

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