Forklift Training Classes in De Pere, WI

So you live in  or around De Pere WI, (Brown County)  then you are most likely aware that the fact Fox River runs through De Pere, you have access to 3 health care facilities and a variety of manufacturing companies. You also have St. Norbert College , a variety of department/grocery stores, and a large trucking company. If you enjoy the outdoors the following stops are great for those young and old: De Pere Riverwalk And Wildlife Viewing Area , Boat Tours (1) , Segway Tours (1) , Golf Courses (2) , Kayaking & Canoeing (1) and Fishing Charters & Tours (1) . De Pere offers many of the same adult sports as its neighbor to the south offers (Appleton WI): If you are one of those adults looking to get out of the house  and burn some calories, there are many leagues to join and if you are interested you can check them out in the free De Pere PDF publication Adult Athletic League Handbook . Some of which include: golf, basketball , volleyball , softball, and even kickball.  Business and sports aren’t the only extra curricular activities  to do in De Pere WI.  The following activities are waiting for you: the Yoga & Pilates (1) , Comedy Clubs (1) , Movie Theaters (1) , Scray Cheese , and Gift & Specialty Shops (1)  We haven’t even covered the many great restaurants and micro breweries (the list would go on and on).

All in all, it’s a great place to work, live and visit! And here’s one more advantage: you can get *forklift training classes in De Pere, WI!

First Quality Forklift Training LLC offers *forklift training classes in De Pere, WI, as well as aerial lift training. Along with forklift training and certification, we also offer Train-the-Trainer classes. We enjoy working with the local business’s in and around De Pere WI and our intent is to provide the most professional forklift operator safety training available to our customers. If you have forklift certification questions be sure to check out our *forklift training classes in De Pere, WI. Ultimate Cheat Sheet For OSHA Forklift Certification

Forklift Training De Pere WI

If you live in De Pere WI, (Brown County) and if you have forklift training and certification or aerial lift training questions, are interested in learning more about the services/products (safety & training) offered at First Quality Forklift Training LLC, or would like a free forklift safety training quote, please call us at (414) 768-3738 or email us at [email protected] . We look forward to hearing from you. #forklifttrainingdeperewisconsin